JEMonline Submission Guidelines

Journal of Exercise Medicine online

ISSN 2378-4083

Submission Guidelines

The Journal of Exercise Medicine online (JEMonline) is a professional peer reviewed internet-based electronic journal devoted to original research, reviews, and commentaries in exercise physiology. JEMonline is published bi-monthly. The Editor-In-Chief for JEMonline is Dr. Tommy Boone and may be corresponded with at

Prior to submitting the manuscript to JEMonline, the following steps must be followed: (1) It must be typed in Microsoft Word, using Arial font; (2) It must be inserted into the JEMonline template, which can be located at: JEMonline2016ManuscriptTemplate and (3) the authors must follow the Submission Instructions for creating the layout of the manuscript, including Tables, Figures, and References.

The lead author responsible for all correspondence must submit a disclosure statement that includes the title of the submitted work and certify the following: (1) that all authors participated substantially in the submitted work; (2) that all authors have reviewed and approved of the final version sent to JEMonline; (3) that the manuscript is original and has not been published elsewhere; (4) that the authors agree to a transfer of copyright to JEMonline; and (5) that there are no potential conflicts of interest.

Fees and Page Charges

The Manuscript Submission Fee is $50 (U.S.) for each submission to JEMonline. Follow the directions on the JEMonline Submission Payment page to upload the manuscript document and submit your payment of $50. The review process will not begin until the Submission Fee is received. Also, please appreciate that the fee is nonrefundable.

The Manuscript Publication Page Charge is set at the following rate for “accepted” papers following the peer review process: (a) 1-6 pages, $300; (b) 7-11 pages, $375; and (c) 12 or more pages, $450, which can be paid by credit card on the JEMonline Publishing Payment page. The publication process will not begin until payment is received.