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Finding Your Voice: The Courage to Take a Stand

Why You?

The American Society of Exercise Physiologists is working hard to unite exercise physiologists. Your help and support is needed as we face many professional challenges. Without your support the profession will continue the current path of lost dreams, jobs, and opportunities.

ASEP Accreditation Philosophy

The purpose of ASEP Academic Accreditation is to establish academic standards for the exercise physiology profession, verify the credibility, integrity, and quality of academic programs that prepare students for professional work in exercise physiology, and identify institutions that have attained the ASEP standard.

Why Accreditation?

Accreditation benefits all facets of the profession. Academic programs are critically evaluated and improved. Employers are more confident that they are hiring competent professionals. In time, students will gravitate to the ASEP-accredited programs, as there will be little incentive to enroll in a program not recognized by ASEP.

Accreditation Requirements

The curriculum requirements identified by ASEP are minimal so that the faculty of the academic programs has the freedom to address the required content areas and learning objectives in ways that best suit their needs and constraints. Adhering to the course examples presented in this section would meet the curriculum requirements and address most of the content areas and learning objectives.

Accreditation Benefits

Academic programs accredited by ASEP will receive several benefits. Most significantly, attaining ASEP accreditation enhances the reputation of the academic program and advances the entire profession of exercise physiology. Having met the standards and external review of peers gives the institution and program, as well as the entire profession of exercise physiology, more credibility and clout when challenged politically and legally.

Purpose of the EPC

Professional Exercise Physiologists need a process that assesses the academic training and skills of exercise physiologist candidates. The Exercise Physiologist Certified (EPC) assures the public that the most highly trained and qualified Exercise Physiologists are providing their care in healthcare, fitness, and wellness settings. This process protects the public safety and the professional Exercise Physiologists.

Why Support the EPC Credential?

Today, there are over 300 fitness and sports medicine organizations offering the gold standard certification for exercise professionals. These certifications, without standards and exclusion, have adversely affected the career opportunities and salaries of highly trained professional Exercise Physiologists. In addition, the public is unable to distinguish the level of competence or care that will be provided by a certified exercise professional thus creating an issue of public safety.

Many multidisciplinary organizations use certification of exercise professionals as a revenue producing business. In doing so, they offer numerous certifications that dilute the profession and infringe on the practice of Exercise Physiology. The ASEP vision is that all individuals who graduate with a degree in Exercise Physiology or Exercise Science and have been credentialed through the Exercise Physiologist Certified examination are professional Exercise Physiologists.

Why Licensure?

There are numerous reasons for licensure, such as to help protect public safety by regulating who can practice, legitimize the exercise physiology profession, increase EP career opportunities, and increase EP salaries by increasing demand for licensed professionals.

ASEP's Progress Towards Licensure

ASEP has modeled EP licensure around many successful health care professions, has developed many components needed for a profession (e.g., Standards of Professional Practice, Code of Ethics, Scope of Practice, Accreditation Standards, and the EPC Board Certified Exam), and ASEP is working with affiliated state organizations. ASEP fulfills important legal and legislative criteria for the present and future development and growth of the profession. ASEP is the only organization that meets this criterion.

You Can Help!

Join and support ASEP. Talk to others about the importance of supporting ASEP. Begin to get involved in the profession at the national level by supporting and helping ASEP. Become active at the state level by supporting or starting ASEP affiliated associations. If you should need help or clarification, please use the following email to contact the ASEP National Office: info@asep.org