The Organization

ASEP Vision Statement

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." -- Anonymous

The ASEP Vision is the greatest gift that can be given to exercise physiologists. Vision generates hope, provides endurance, and motivates the discouraged. No matter how difficult, the essence of the ASEP vision is to see the future.

  1. What the organization wants to be?

    To be recognized as the leading professional organization of American scholars and practitioners in the study and application of exercise physiology to fitness, health promotion, rehabilitation, and sports training.

  2. What it wants to accomplish?

    The Society of Exercise Physiologists is dedicated to unifying all exercise physiologists in the United States and worldwide to promote and support the study, practice, teaching, research, and development of the exercise physiology profession.

  3. Whom it wants to serve?

    Through proactive and creative leadership, the Society empowers its members to serve the public good by making an academically sound difference in the application of exercise physiology concepts and insights.

Vision is the key to the future!

"Vision is more than what you see.  Vision is opening your eyes -- and your mind's eye, as well -- to that inner place where you see and foresee, where you dream and imagine and create....You could be satisfied with the status quo.  You could be content to leave things as they are.  You could choose not to "rock the boat,''upset the apple cart,' or 'make waves.'  You could repeat the sad and dangerous words, so often heard: 'But we've always done it this way.'  But then you and your business would probably not improve, not progress, not prosper." -- Dosick, R.W.