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Do you hire Exercise Physiologists?  You can post your job openings for FREE with ASEP if you require, or accept, the EPC board certification as satisfaction of the position's requirement for professional credentials. Fill out the submission form below and indicate the acceptance/requirement of ASEP EPC board certification in the 'job details' field,  DO NOT check the fee payment box, then click submit.  Easy and free!  
If your job position does not accept the EPC to satisfy all it's credential requirements, you must disclose this fact in your description of the position in the 'job details' field. This type of submission requires a fee of $450 to be posted with ASEP.
All position openings posted on are accessible to members and highlighted in various ASEP publications and on social media.  The posting will remain active for 3 months.
If your Exercise Physiologist job posting meets the requirements to be FREE, simply click submit now.

If ASEP’s EPC board certification does not meet all of the position’s professional credentialing requirements, please check this box and submit. You will submit the fee on the next page.

Policy Statement: It is the policy of ASEP that any advertising appearing on ASEP web pages must be related to exercise physiology, health and wellness, fitness, rehabilitation, and/or athletics. Any advertising that is deemed not to meet the needs of the organization and its members will not be posted. Disapproved submissions will have fee refunded automatically.