Exercise Physiology Books

ASEP's Exercise Medicine Text for Exercise Physiologists. Bentham Science Publishers, ISBN (eBook): 978-1-68108-321-6, ISBN (Print): 978-1-68108-322-3, Pages: 361, Year: 2016, Author: Tommy Boone

Introduction to Exercise Physiology. Jones & Bartlett Publishing, ISBN 978-1-4496-1709-7, ISBN 1-4496-3, Pages: 532, Year: 2014, Soft Cover, Author: Tommy Boone

Promoting Professionalism in Exercise Physiology: Visions, Challenges, and Opportunities. ISBN-13: 978-1-4955-0295-8, Pages: 138, Year: 2014, - Hard Cover - Author: Tommy Boone

The Business of Exercise Physiology: Thinking Like an Entrepreneur. ISBN10: 0-7734-1575-0, ISBN13: 978-0-7734-1575-1,  Pages: 220,  Year: 2012, Hard Cover,  Author: Tommy Boone

Integrating Spirituality and Exercise Physiology: Toward a New Understanding of Health. ISBN-10: 0773436790, ISBN-13: 978-0773436794,  Pages: 166, Year: 2010, Hard Cover, Author: Tommy Boone

The Professionalization of Exercise Physiology: Certification, Accreditation, and Standards of Practice of the American Society of Exercise Physiologists (ASEP). ISBN10: 0-7734-4855-1, ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4855-1, Pages: 664, Year: 2009, Hard Cover, Author: Tommy Boone

Basic Issues in Sports Ethics: The Many Ways of Cheating . ISBN10:
0-7734-3909-9,  ISBN13: 978-0-7734-3909-2, Pages: 292, Year: 2009, Hard Cover, Author: Tommy Boone

Sex Before Athletic Competition: Myth or Fact. ISBN10: 0-7734-5137-4, ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5137-7, Pages: 184, Year: 2008, Hard Cover, The Edwin Mellen Press, Author: Tommy Boone

Ethical Standards and Professional Credentials In The Practice of Exercise Physiology. ISBN-13 978-0-7734-5245-9, Hardcover - The Edwin Mellen Press, Year: 2007, Author: Tommy Boone

Exercise Physiology As a Career: A Guide and Sourcebook. ISBN: 0773456295, Hardcover - The Edwin Mellen Press, 2006, Author: Tommy Boone

Is Sports Nutrition for Sale? Ethical Issues And Professional Concerns for Exercise Physiologists. ISBN: 1594544220 - Hardcover - Publisher: Nova Science Pub Inc, Year: 2006, Author: Tommy Boone

Exercise Physiology: Professional Issues, Organizational Concerns, And Ethical Trends. ISBN: 0773460772 - Hardcover - The Edwin Mellen Press, Year: 2005, Author: Tommy Boone

Professional Development of Exercise Physiology. ISBN: 0773473807 - Hardcover - The Edwin Mellen Press, Year: 2001, Author: Tommy Boone