Vol 4 No 2
February, 2000
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March, 2000
From the Editor

Taking Control of Your Profession
Tommy Boone, PhD, MPH, FASEP

As I reflect on the second month of 2000, I am reminded of a recent email from the Director of Exercise physiology Research at The Cooper Clinic in Dallas. 

"Dr. Boone, It is a priviledge to have access to a great website that is interesting and informative.  Thank you for establishing such a "society" and website..." Sincerely, Roni Gonzalez-Dunn
It is good news to know that the ASEP web pages are a welcome site for so many exercise physiologists.  It is especially good news to me personally because I have assumed the responsibilities of overseeing the ASEPNewsletter and the PEPonline journal.  While I don’t need fans cheering me on, and what I do seems very much like team work, I am overwhelmed with moments of  “just feeling good” when a colleague writes me and says positive things about the web pages.  This article is dedicated to the exercise physiologists who believe they determine the outcome of their own professional lives. 

We all have moments when we believe more than at other times we have a right to make our own professional reality.  Yet, for many of us, those beliefs are frustrated with confusion, conflict, and purposeful distraction by some of our professional friends.  I’ll never forget the day a long-time friend said to me “Why are you doing this?”  I suddenly recognized his frustration with me.  Today, though, I believe he has spotted the reasons and treasures the gifts ASEP provides to all exercise physiologists (although he is still not a member).  During the past several years, I have received some rather interesting emails.  Some I wouldn’t want to share publicly, given the negativity.  Others, I should share but haven’t given the personalized sincerity and message to keep the fire going. 

I was touched very deeply by a PhD colleague who said,  “Keep up the work Tommy.  There are a lot of people watching.” What a feeling to know that colleagues are reading the journal articles and seeking answers in the ASEP web pages.   What can I do to present a better web site is a constant question in my mind, thus the reason you see different web pages and color backgrounds and so forth.  My limited web experience as web designer keeps me wondering what I should be doing better.  I have even had ASEP members suggest that they would create pages and a more professional site, but they don’t follow through.  So, what you see is what you get.  It is the best I can do, although I promise to keep trying.  I promise to expand possibilities, resources, and thinking through the ASEP contact pages.  Bear with me if everything isn’t the quality it could be.

Fortunately, the administrators of the College of St. Scholastica have allowed me to expand the ASEP web site however necessary to publish the message, hope, and dream of exercise physiologists.  Think of the far-reaching influence the web site has provided.   Professionals across the United States and around the world are looking to ASEP and the members’ commitment to professionalism.  Many of them have come to terms with the notion that knowing what should be done isn’t enough.  Professionals must act to realize the answers they need to create the leveraging necessary to optimize changes.  Together, we will create the future we need today not later. 

The question is:  Where are you?  When will you join ASEP?  What contributions are you going to make to the profession?  Now is the time to get with the program!  Please, no more excuses.  Seize the moment now.  Take action.  Commit yourself to professionalism.  Take control of your profession!

Nothing can beat the decision to act.  Decisions begin the process of turning “what is” into “what can be”.  The latter is reality.  So, if you are thinking as I am, you will find a way to realize national certification, licensure, and academic accreditation.  You will make the decision to join ASEP or to renew your membership.  Think about it.  Make the decision today.  Commit to achieving the results that all exercise physiologists need, and remember:

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”  --  Anthony Robbins
Winning is the result of following up, taking action, and persisting regardless of the frustrations.  It is about directing your own thoughts and beliefs.  We need to believe in ourselves because our beliefs give us the feeling of certainty and capacity to make the future we want. 
“We are what we think.” – The Buddha

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The Professionalization of Exercise Physiologyonline (PEPonline) journal presents "3" articles about professionalism:

  • Passion: The Inner Drive by Tommy Boone, PhD, MPH, FASEP
  • Cyberspace and EJournals by Tommy Boone, PhD, MPH, FASEP
  • The Exercise Physiologist as an Entrepreneur: Reflections and Experiences in the World of Business by Eric Durak, MSc
  • The Importance of Graded Exercise Testing in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Eating Disorders by Susie McMinn, MS

  • Interesting Web Sites
    Have you run across an interesting exercise physiology site?  If you have and would like it to be posted, please let me know via my email.

    DutchESS Sports Science Forum ISEI
    Physiology Website Women's Health Weekly
    ISSN International Center U.S. ISSN Cente Copyright 
    Registration Procedures
    Indiana Association of Exercise Physiologists

    physicaltherapy man
    How many flexibility exercises are necessary for an athlete (or anyone for that matter), regardless of the sport? Please forward your response to the address.


    Career Resources
    A list of Career Resources was published in the December 1999. ASEPNewsletter. Exercise Physiology Jobs / Career Tips: 21st Century

    Abstract Search
    National Library of Medicine: PubMed

    newani.gif (5163 bytes)
    Exercise Science Positions
    Exercise Science Department
    Creighton University
    Omaha, NE

    POSITION: Full-Time Tenure-Track Assistant Professor position available in August 2000.  JOB DESCRIPTION: Teach two or more undergraduate exercise science related courses in the following content areas: biomechanics, exercise prescription, leadership administration, and strength and conditioning; advise undergraduate students; conduct research in area of expertise and participate in collaborative research projects with faculty; serve on departmental and campus committees. 

    POSITION: Full-Time Instructor, Non-Tenure, (Two-Year) position available August 2000.  JOB DESCRIPTION: Teach undergraduate exercise science related courses; assist in the department’s Human Performance Fitness Testing Laboratory; advise undergraduate students; and serve on departmental committees. 

    QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED FOR BOTH POSITIONS: Earned doctorate (ABD considered with doctorate conferred by position start) in exercise science or closely related field and a demonstrated record of successful teaching at the university level.  Strong computer skills and proficiency in using multi-media technology in teaching is desired.  Continuous record of scholarship as evidenced by peer-reviewed publications, and/or funded research.  Experience in clinical exercise testing and prescription is preferred, and NATA, ACSM and/or NSCA certifications desirable.  Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience. 

    The Department of Exercise Science offers an undergraduate major which incorporates internship opportunities in strength and conditioning, athletic training, corporate and community fitness, cardiac rehabilitation, and physical therapy.  We are successful in placing students into jobs and advanced degree programs in these areas upon graduation.  The department emphasizes quality teaching, opportunities for “hands on” experience, and student involvement in faculty research. 

    Creighton University is a Catholic, Jesuit institution with 6,000 students in the colleges of medicine, dentistry, law, nursing, pharmacy and allied health occupations, business, and the arts and sciences.  Our campus is located in the downtown area of Omaha, Nebraska’s largest city (pop. 600,000).  U.S. News and World Report has recognized Creighton University as the number one Midwestern comprehensive university for four consecutive years. 

    Send a letter of application, indicating which position(s) is desired and include a description of research focus, curriculum vitae, and three letters of reference.  In addition, provide an academic transcript substantiating the doctorate. 

    Send materials to: Dr. Tom Baechle, Exercise Science Department, CreightonUniversity, 2500 California Plaza, Omaha, NE 68178. Review of applicationswill begin on March 1, 2000 and continue until the position is filled.

    FACULTY POSITION ANNOUNCEMENTnewani.gif (5163 bytes)

    POSITION:  Assistant Professor in Exercise Physiology, tenure-track appointment in the Department of Health and Exercise Sciences at the University of Delaware.

    RESPONSIBILITIES:  Primary responsibilities include teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in exercise physiology and related areas, conducting nationally visible, fundable research, and supervising master’s theses.

    QUALIFICATIONS: Earned doctorate in exercise physiology.  Demonstrated ability to conduct research and acquire research funding.  Training in muscle physiology, exercise metabolism, or cardiopulmonary physiology desired.  Successful experience in classroom and laboratory instruction preferred.  Post-doctoral experience preferred.  ACSM certification helpful.

    SALARY:  Competitive and commensurate with experience and qualifications.
    Applications are due on or before March 15, 2000.  Send letter of application, curriculum vitae and 3 letters of reference to: (e-mail and fax applications will not be accepted)

     Robert E. Neeves, Ph.D.                  For Inquiries Only:
     Search Committee Chair                 Phone: (302) 831-6816
     Sport Science Laboratory                 Fax: (302) 831-3693
     541 South College Avenue                email:
     The University of Delaware
     Newark, DE  19716


    The Department of Physiology is seeking a physiologist/exercise physiologist to participate in a dynamic medical education environment.  The successful candidate will provide leadership as part of  an initiative to develop a strong presence of exercise physiology in the medical school curriculum and scholarly productivity of the University.   The position involves modest participation in the teaching program.  Requirements for the position include a Ph.D. or equivalent  in physiology, exercise physiology or related field, postdoctoral experience and a proven record in research.  Special consideration will be given to those with experience in medical applications of exercise, respiratory physiology and proven instructional talents.  Must be able to work effectively and efficiently in a team environment and possess excellent communication skills.

    For additional information, contact the Search Committee Chair:
    Gary O. Ballam, Ph. D.

    Applications will be reviewed until a successful candidate is identified.  Candidates should send a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, a statement of research and teaching interests, and the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of at least three references to:

    Dawn M. Harrington
    Director of Human Resources
    The University of Health Sciences
    1750 Independence Ave.
    Kansas City, MO 64106-1453
    Phone: 816.283.2371
    Fax: 816.283.2285

    Exercise Physiologists

    "3" self-motivated, independent EPs needed to perform Cardiopulmonary Stress Testing on a mobile basis.  Ideal candidate will also be able to establish and maintain exercise programs in Physician's Offices for cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab as well as simple deconditioning.  ACLS and ACSM certifications required.  Transportation is provided.  Nashville, chattanooga, Atlanta, and Macon areas available.  Please fax resume to : (912) 272-04208
    Accumed Systems of TN, LLC
    424 Academy Ave
    Dublin, GA 31021
    1-800-308-7304 ext. 5309


    Internship Program

    The Kosciusko Community Hospital Health and Wellness Center provides two internship positions for undergraduate and graduate students in exercise physiology and related majors. The internship provides the student with hands on experience and skill development in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, weight management and wellness services.  Interns generally receive academic credit and/or field experience from their college or university. Each appointment is one semester in length (15 weeks). Interns are paid a stipend of approximately $3000.

    To receive additional information and an application packet, please contact:
    Steven Jungbauer, MA, MBA, FAACVPR
    Kosciusko Community Hospita
    Health and Wellness Center
    1500 Provident Drive, Suite D
    Warsaw, IN 46580
    (219) 372-7890

    The following are application deadlines:

  • Spring semester – Last day of September. Notification of acceptance will be by last day of October. The approximate starting date is the first or second week of January.
  • Fall semester – Last day of May. Notification of acceptance will be by last day of June. The approximate starting date is the last week of August or first week of September.
  • Summer semester – Last day of February. Notification of acceptance will be by last day of March, approximate start date of third or fourth week in May.
  • * Starting dates can be changed on the basis of availability and semester scheduling at different schools.

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