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Vol 2 No 1 January 1999


Dr. Robert Robergs

Managing Editor
Dr. Tommy Boone

Special Populations
Physical and psychosocial responses to exercise in cancer patients: A two-year follow-up survey with prostate, leukemia, and general carcinoma
Eric P. Durak, Paula C. Lilly, and Jennifer L. Hackworth
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Environmental Exercise Physiology
Endurance performance effects of hyperoxic vs. normoxic breathing during interval training in female cyclists
Jeanne F. Nichols, David W. Douglass, Michael J. Burono, Shay McKelvey, and Simon Marshall

Nutrition and Exercise
Glycerol hyperhydration alters cardiovascular and renal function
Paul Montner, Yen Zou, Robert A. Robergs, Greg Murata, Dan Stark, Chris Quinn, Steve Wood, Deb Lium, and Ernest R. Greene

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