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Directory of Academic Programs
Thank you for your inquiry regarding ASEP's list of academic programs in exercise science and/or exercise physiology. Please understand that the majority of the departments offered a degree in, for example, physical education, human performance, or kinesiology with an emphasis (or specialization) in exercise science or exercise physiology. Only a few academic programs offer a degree in exercise physiology with, for example, an emphasis in cardiac rehabilitation, research, etc. We hope that you will find the information helpful. Most URLs identify the graduate section of the department, school, or college.  With a little clicking, you will also be able to locate other sections (such as the undergraduate information, too).  Some URLs are more complete and helpful than others, especially regarding specific requirements, admission procedures, assistantships, course descriptions, and who to contact. Not all colleges and universities with such programs have been identified at this time.
Abilene Christian University
Andrews University
Appalachian State University
Arizona State University
Arkansas State University
Brigham Young University
Auburn University
Austin State University
Ball State University
Barry University
Baylor University
Bloomsburg University
Boise State University
Brigham Young University
Buena Vista University
Cal Poly State University
California State University, Fresno
California State University, Fullerton
California State University, Long Beach
California State University, Northridge
Campbell University
Castleton State College
Centenary College of Lousisiana
Chapman University
College of St. Scholastica
Colorado State University
Concordia University
Creighton University
Creighton College of Arts and Sciences
East Carolina University
East Stroudsburg University
East Tennessee State University
Eastern Washington University
Florida Atlantic University
Fort Lewis College
Frostburg State University
Furman University
George Washington University
Grand Canyon University
Gustavus Adolphus College
Humboldt State University
Illinois State University
Iowa State University
Indiana University
Jacksonville State University
Kansas State University
Kent State University
Kennesaw State University
Louisiana State University
Louisiana Tech University
Maharishi U. of Management
Mankato State University
Marquette University
McNeese State University
Miami University
Michigan State University
Montana State University
Montclair State University
Murray State University
Norfolk State University
Northern Arizona University
Northern Michigan University
Northeastern University
Northern Illinois University
Oakland University
Old Dominion University
Oregon State University
Pennsylvania State University
Purdue University
Radford University
Rice University
Queens College,City University of New York
San Diego State University
San Francisco State University
Southern California College
Southern Connecticut State University
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
Southeastern Louisiana University
State University of New York at Buffalo
St. Cloud State University
SUNY at Buffalo
SUNY College at Brockport
Syracuse University
Texas Woman's University
Thomas More College
Truman State University
Tulane University
Virginia Tech
University of California, Davis
University of Central Arkansas
University of Georgia
University of Colorado, Boulder
University of Connecticut
University of Dayton
University of Florida
University of Houston
University of Kansas
University of Kentucky
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
University of Iowa
University of Louisiana - Monroe
University of Louisville
University of Maryland, College Park
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
University of Memphis
University of Miami
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota, Duluth
University of Missouri, Columbia
University of Mississippi
University of Montana
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
University of Nebraska, Omaha
University of New Mexico-Albuquerque
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
University of North Carolina, Greensboro
University of North Dakota
University of North Texas, Denton
University of Northern Iowa
University of Oregon
University of Pittsburgh
University of San Francisco
University of Southern California, Los Angeles
University of Tennessee
University of Texas, Austin
University of Texas, Tyler
University of Utah
University of Wisconsin, La Crosse
University of Wisconsin, Madison
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Ursinus College
Utah State University
Virginia Tech
Wake Forest University
Washington State University
West Chester University
West Texas A&M University
West Virginia University
Western Maryland College
Western Michigan University
Willamette University
Wright State University
York University 



Exercise Science Departments in Australian Universities
Exercise Science Departments in Canada
Concordia U., Dept. of Exercise Science
University of Sheffield
Exercise Science Departments in Great Britain
University of Birmingham
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Kinesiology and Exercise Science and Exercise Physiology Graduate Schools

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