Vol 1 No 3
November, 1997

    ISSN 1097-9743

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    December 1997
Just Thinking: By the Editor
Tommy Boone, PhD, MPH
    We dare you
    In the end
    New fees
    Membership categories...
    Why ASEP?
    Have you heard?
    Commitment and dedication

    When we realize that that the only time we fail is when we don't try, then why be a failure? We dare you to become a member of ASEP! It takes a dedicated and disciplined person to get involved and to give to others that which is rare -- yourself. In order to become a member, we have provided the membership application on Internet. It is part of the main ASEP menu (http://www.

    You may not realize it, but we have reduced the application fee from what it was per category of membership to a smaller fee to make it easier to become a member. We want you to become a member of ASEP. It is that simple because we believe your dedication to exercise physiology will help open the door to a "golden stairway" of growth, giving, and contributing to the professionalization of exercise physiologists throughout the United States and the world.

    As Walt Disney said, "If you can dream it, you can do it." Visionary thinking is dreaming and hoping and believing that it can be done. It is taking a chance and achieving shared excellence. All exercise physiologists have to do, therefore, is dream the dream and put their full resources and commitment behind it.

    The ASEP membership year starts in January, 1998. The NEW fees are:
  • Professional Member ($50)
  • Certified Professional Member ($50)
  • Affiliate Member ($75)
  • International Member ($50)
  • Sustaining Membership ($150)
  • Honorary Membership (No Fee)
  • Emeritus Membership (No Fee)
  • Fellow Membership ($50)
  • Student Membership ($25)
    Specific information about each category can be obtained at:
    Membership Categories....

    Why is the American Society of Exercise Physiologists so important?
    Let's recognize it now and resolve that we will never be fully committed to the exercise physiology profession if do not have the:

  • freedom to create our own professional organization;
  • freedom to develop social and economic connectedness;
  • freedom to identify political allies to help with professionalization;
  • freedom to determine academic and professional integrity; and the
  • freedom to practice, think, teach, and research as exercise physiologists.
  • In the end, professionally speaking, we will probably be judged by what we have done, and by the efforts we have shown [or rather, as Henry Drummond said, "...what we have not done, by the love we have not shown"]. 

    Most often the missing ingredient in professional organizations is the belief in its members. ASEP exists for its members PERIOD! The members do not exist to empower ASEP. The point is, the members are the driving force. They will create a better future for exercise physiologists; one with respect and enough money to pay the bills. At the very core of ASEP are members who have faith that it will happen. They are not tired, dispirited, jaded or whatever. They are willing to work to accomplish the professionalization of exercise physiology.

    "Have you heard," said one of e-mail colleagues, "about the negative talk going around about certain ASEP members?" Interestingly, is it too high of a price to want to do something different? Are the negative comments justified simply because they come from individuals many exercise physiologists hold in high esteem? No! Every person has the right to decide his/her future. It is an honorable step towards maturity (professionally and personally) when one communicates with sincerity the truths and values he/she now understands and wishes to work towards achieving. What is hard to understand, however, is not so much the difficult task of pulling all the pieces together so that others may live the dream, but the preoccupation of personalities who try an compromise it. If only their thinking was less fuzzy.

    Commitment and Dedication!
    What does it mean to be committed and dedicated to a dream? The short answer is "If you care long and hard enough, you can teach old dogs new tricks." That is, even those among us who have been associated with and have embraced the inertia of certain beliefs can change and they, too, can dream.

    It all depends on us! We can become a profession of exercise physiologists. Do you have the courage and conviction to think with your heart as well as your mind? The power to change is within you. We can do what we want to do and accomplish what we want to accomplish. All we have to do is do it day by day. Remember the old Latin proverb: "Believe that you have, and you have it." Make things happen and forget about the fear of failure. Join the American Society of Exercise Physiologists.

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