Vol 2 No 8
August, 1998
ISSN 1097-9743 

TheASEPNewsletter is devoted to informative articles and news items about exercise physiology. It is a monthly magazine of news, opinions, exercise physiology professionals, and events that shape exercise physiology. While it contains views and opinions of the Editor who oversees the ASEP Internet Websites, visitors can have a voice as well. We welcome interested practitioners, researchers, and academicians to e-mail the Publisher their thoughts and ideas or to respond directly via the ASEP Public Forum
September, 1998

What's NEW?
Check out the new electronic journal entitled the Professionalization of Exercise Physiologyonline? The online journal is the first of its kind in exercise physiology. Should you have an idea for publication, please e-mail the publisher ( or submit the manuscript directly via s-mail to:

The College of St. Scholastica
Department of Exercise Physiology
1200 Kenwood Ave
Duluth, MN 55811.

Under the editorial direction of Dr. Robert A. Robergs of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM, the Society is pleased to annouce the second electronic copy of the Journal of Exercise Physiologyonline. The JulyJEPonline issue offers the internet readership three excellent research manuscripts. 

The ASEP National Office is located on the campus of The College of St. Scholastica in the Department of Exercise Physiology. The department is located in the Science Center in front of the Tower Hall. Why not plan a visit? ASEP Annual Meeting: Oct. 2-3, 1998

ASEP Committees - Who is CHAIRING what?
Dr. Tommy Boone Certification
Dr. Dale Wagner Accreditation
Ms. Allison McGill Licensure
Dr. Hermann-J Engels ASEP Standards
Dr. Robert Robergs International
Public Education/Job Market
Dr. Rachel Yeater Women in Exercise Physiology
Dr. Don Diboll Regional Societies
Dr. Joseph Weir Research
Elaine George, MS Sponsors

For a listing of the members on each committee, please click on "members."

Points of View

Is ACSM an organization of exercise physiologists? A rehabilitation perspective

Creating an image

Fitness and health promotion in the managed care setting: The emerging role for exercise and health care

As a "Visionary" Organization
What is it about ASEP that is important to know?

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