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ASEP Clothing and Accessories

Here is a small selection of clothing and accessories to promote the American Society of Exercise Physiologists.  It is a beginning only!  Expect a larger selection of promotional items and products to assist your promotional activities to get others active in ASEP. 

To order, simply complete the order form (page 2) and fax it to 218-723-6297 or call the ASEP National Office, 218-723-6297. 

ASEP Sport Cap
One size fits all.
ASEP Polo Shirt
Hanes, 100% Presshrunk Cotton
sizes M, L, XL.
ASEP Sweatshirt
Hanes, Pre-shrunk 90% cotton
10% polyester, sizes M, L, XL.
ASEP Sport Shorts
Preshrunk, 98% cotton 
2% other fibers, sizes M, L, XL.
ASEP Executive Briefcase
Nylon LA Loving with screen imprint of the ASEP logo. Comes with carry handle and adjustable, detachable shoulder strap.