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Career Opportunities in Exercise Physiology

What Does an Exercise Physiologist Do?
Most college professors typically say something like the following. They are hired as:

  • sports and wellness program instructors and directors;
  • strength coaches for college, university and professional sports programs;
  • teachers at institutions of higher learning (i.e., if they have a PhD);
  • researchers in sports medicine and adult fitness programs;
  • managers and exercise leaders in corporate wellness programs;
  • instructors in health and fitness clubs;
  • supervisiors of specialized health, fitness, wellness, or lifestyle programs in correctional services, police, fire, and emergency response organizations;
  • fitness instructors in YMCAs, spa and resort centers;
  • exercise specialists in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation programs;
  • fitness directors and managers in the military (such as the airforce and army);
  • exercise technologists in cardiology suites; and
  • fitness instructors and supervisors at the state, regional, and national levels in sports and athletic programs including,
  • sports management,
  • sports psychology,
  • sports biomechanics, and
  • nutritional consultation.
  • The short answer to the question is that exercise physiologists work in health promotion, fitness development, colleges and universities, clinical rehabilitation, and sport and athletic programs. 

    Note: You may also want to read the article in Professionalization of Exercise Physiologyonline that looks at what exercise physiologists do!