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Membership Benefits

Journal of Exercise Physiologyonline
The official, peer-reviewed journal is published monthly. It features original exercise physiology research, clinical studies, comprehensive reviews, perspectives in exercise physiology, editorials, and special articles contributed by exercise physiologists throughout the United States and the world. Special supplements are devoted to symposia, workshops, 
and other long reports.

The official newsletter of the Society. Published quarterly, it keeps members informed of what's new and changing, progress and problems, programs of academic development, clinical care and treatment, employment announcements, and upcoming events of professional interest.

Professionalization of Exercise Physiologyonline
The journal of the ASEP organization that publishes articles that highlight profesisonalism, professional development, and the professionalization of exercise physiology.  The PEPonlineis published monthly by ASEP.

ASEP Directory of Membership
A membership directory to aid relationships with members in the United States and throughout the world. The Directory of ASEP members has alphabetical and geographical listings that include information such as areas of specialization and Internet e-mail addresses.

Career Opportunities & Resources
A listing of career opportunities and other on-going links to prospective exercise physiology, health, fitness, rehabilitation, and sport/athletic employers throughout the United States.

Exercise Physiology National Certification
Among the many reasons to belong to the Society is the Certification Program designed to help keep the graduating students' career on the path to successful employment.

Economic Benefits
Membership in the Society will help the exercise physiologist afford the cost for Professional Liability Insurance.

Professional Networking & Development
Joining the Society ensures close contact with the network of dedicated professionals to further exercise physiology's role in the health care system and to foster improvements in education, practice, and research. Working collectively helps to strengthen and advance the exercise physiology profession while also encouraging collaboration among exercise physiologists. ASEP helps to promote interaction and sharing of up-to-the-minute research projects, thoughts about academic programs, and issues, concerns, and ideas with 
other exercise physiologists.

Annual Meeting Opportunities
Members have the opportunity to present scientific poster or oral sessions at annual meetings, have abstracts published by ASEP, obtain firsthand insight and knowledge of the latest exercise physiology data, techniques and theories, and see state-of-the-art products, services, publications and equipment from exhibitors.