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Volume 2 Number 4  October 1999

The Journal of Exercise Physiologyonline, published by the American Society of Exercise Physiologists (ASEP), is a professional peer reviewed Internet-based journal devoted to original research in exercise physiology. The journal is directed by the Editor-In-Chief and the Managing Editor with supporting editorial assistance via Associate Editors knowledgeable in the field of exercise physiology. JEPonline is the first electronic peer reviewed exercise physiology journal in the history of the profession. It is founded for the purpose of disseminating exercise physiology research and, thus to serve specifically the professional needs of the exercise physiologist. The Editor-In-Chief, Managing Editor, and Associate Editors welcome both empirical and theoretical articles. Please refer to the "Guidelines for Contributors" to determine writing style, length of articles, copies, and reference style.

Robert Robergs, Ph.D., FASEP
Managing Editor 
  Tommy Boone, Ph.D., MPH, FASEP

Research Manuscripts

Noninvasive characterization of the blood pressure response to the double-leg press exercise
R.W. Gotshall1, J. Gootman1, W.C. Byrnes2, S.J. Fleck3 and T.C. Valovich2
1Colorado State University, Exercise and Sport Science, Fort Collins, CO; 2University of Colorado, Kinesiology, Boulder CO. ; and 3Colorado College, Sport Science, Colorado Springs, CO
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A simple index to adjust maximal strength measures by body mass
Paul M. Vanderburgh
HSS Department, University of Dayton
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Prediction of maxVO2 for women:  Adaptation of the Fox cycle ergometer protocol
Lynn A. Darby1 and Roberta L. Pohlman2
1Kinesiology Division, School of Human Movement, Sport and Leisure Studies, Bowling Green State University and 2Wright State University
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Assessment of fractional expired gases and air flow by an ambulatory metabolic analyzer
Patrick L. Jacobs, Mark S. Nash, and C. David Mintz
Departments of Neurological Surgery and Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation, and The Miami Project, University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, Florida 33136
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