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The Journal of Exercise Physiologyonline, published by the American Society of Exercise Physiologists (ASEP), is a professional peer reviewed Internet-based journal devoted to original research in exercise physiology. The journal is directed by the Editor-In-Chief and the Managing Editor with supporting editorial assistance via Associate Editors knowledgeable in the field of exercise physiology. JEPonline is the first electronic peer reviewed exercise physiology journal in the history of the profession. It is founded for the purpose of disseminating exercise physiology research and, thus to serve specifically the professional needs of the exercise physiologist. The Editor-In-Chief, Managing Editor, and Associate Editors welcome both empirical and theoretical articles. Please refer to the "Guidelines for Contributors" to determine writing style, length of articles, copies, and reference style.

Research Manuscripts

A Perspective On Exercise Prescription
H Weber
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Sprint Performance: The Reliability of a Run to Exhaustion
EM Robinson, LB Graham, SA Headley
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Systems Physiology: Skeletal Muscle
Effects of Circulating Estradiol on Exercise-Induced Creatine Kinase Activity
SM Roth, R Gajdosik and BC Ruby
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Exercise Nutrition
Physiological Response To Exercise In The Heat Following Creatine Supplementation
M Kern, LJ Podewils, M Vukovich, and MJ Buono
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Body Composition
The effect of a commercial thermogenic weight loss supplement on body composition and energy expenditure in obese adults
WJ Armstrong, P Johnson, and S Duhme
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