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Journal of Exercise Physiologyonline

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 American Society of Exercise Physiologists

Vol 15 No 2 April 2012


Scott CB. Oxygen Costs Peak after Resistance Training Sets: A Rationale for the Importance of Recovery over Exercise. JEPonline 2012;15(2):1-8.   Word / pdf

Benden ME, Wendel ML, Jeffrey CE, Zhao H, Morales ML.  Within-Subjects Analysis of the Effects of a Stand-Biased Classroom Intervention on Energy Expenditure. JEPonline 2012;15(2):9-19.   Word / pdf

Leite GS, Sampaio LMM, Serra AJ, Miranda MLJ, Brandão MRF, Wichi RB. Analysis of Knowledge Production about Overtraining Associated with Heart Rate Variability. JEPonline 2012;15(2):20-29.   Word / pdf

McKean MR, Stockwell TB, Burkett BJ. Response to Constant and Interval Exercise Protocols in the Elderly. JEPonline 2012;15(2):30-39.   Word / pdf 

Alderete TL, Gyllenhammer LE, Byrd-Williams CE, Spruijt-Metz D, Goran MI, Davis JN. Increasing Physical Activity Decreases Hepatic Fat and Metabolic Risk Factors. JEPonline 2012;15(2):40-54.   Word / pdf

Nascimento VB, Osiecki R, Redkva PE, Gomes EB, Salgueirosa FM, Daros LB, Osiecki AC, Kaminagakura EI. JEPonline 2012;15(2):55-63.  Word / pdf

Nuttamonwarakul A, Amatyakul S, Suksom D. Twelve Weeks of Aqua-Aerobic Exercise Improve Physiological Adaptations and Glycemic Control in Elderly Patients with Type 2 Diabetes. JEPonline 2012;15(2):64-70.  Word / pdf

Magnusson JE, Cobham C, McLeod R. Beneficial Effects of Clinical Exercise Rehabilitation for Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). JEPonline 2012;15(2):71-79.   Word / pdf

Daros LB, Osiecki R, Dourado AC, Stanganélli LCR, Fornaziero AM, Osiecki ACV. Maximum Aerobic Power Test for Soccer Players. JEPonline 2012;15(2):80-89.    Word / pdf

Kaminagakura EI, Zagatto AM, Redkva PE, Gomes EB, Loures JP, Kalva-Filho CA, Franco VH, Papoti M. Can Running-Based Anaerobic Sprint Test be used to Predict Anaerobic Capacity? JEPonline 2012;15(2):90-99.    Word / pdf

Mullins NM. Obstacle Course Challenges:  History, Popularity, Performance Demands, Effective Training, and Course Design. JEPonline 2012;15(2):100-128.   pdf  

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