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Journal of Exercise Physiologyonline

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 American Society of Exercise Physiologists

Vol 14 No 5 October 2011


Coelho JM, Sales MM, Moraes JFVN, Asano RY, Neto WB, Santana HAP, Silva CB, Moreira SR, Simões HG, Lima RM, Campbell CSG. Influence of the I/D Polymorphism of the Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Gene and Acute Aerobic Exercise in the Ambulatory Arterial Stiffness Index of Elderly Women. JEPonline 2011;14(5):1-9. Word / pdf

DiNubile N, Westcott W, Reinl G, Bajaj A, Braverman ER, Madigan MA, Giordano J, Blum K. The MarcProTM Device is a Novel Paradigm Shift in Muscle Conditioning, Recovery and Performance: Induction of Nitric Oxide (NO) Dependent Enhanced Microcirculation Coupled with Angiogenesis Mechanisms. JEPonline 2011;14(5):10-19. 
Word / pdf

Clayton MA, Trudo, CE, Laubach LL, Linderman JK, De Marco GM, Barr S. Relationships Between Isokinetic Core Strength and Athletic Performance Tests in Male Collegiate Baseball Players. JEPonline 2011;15(5):20-30. Word / pdf

Esco MR, Mugu EM, Williford HN, McHugh AN, Bloomquist BE. Cross-Validation of the Polar Fitness TestTM via the Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor in predicting VO2 Max. JEPonline 2011;14(5):31-37.  Word / pdf

De Castro APA, Vianna JM, Damasceno VO, Matos DG, Mazini Filho ML, Reis VMM. Muscle Recovery after a Session of Resistance Training Monitored through Serum Creatine Kinase. JEPonline 2011;14(5):38-45. 
Word /

Richmond SR, Whitman SA, Acree LA, Carper MJ and Godard MP. Power Output in Trained Male and Female Cyclists During the Wingate Test with Increasing Flywheel Resistance.  JEPonline 2011;14(5):46-53.   Word / pdf

Sell KM, Ghigiarelli J, Kitsos KM, Burke J, Yeomans SG. Electromyographic Analysis of Abdominal and Lower Back Muscle Activation During Abdominal Exercises Using an Objective Biofeedback Device. JEPonline 2011;14(5):54-65. Word / pdf

McCartney M, Keesee C, Fletcher L, Stover S. Effects of Sprint Training on Glutathione Expression in Liver and Skeletal Muscle. JEPonline 2011;14(5):66-74.  Word / pdf

Stookey AD, Mealey LM, Shaughnessy, M. Physical Activity Assessment in Children. JEPonline 2011;14(5):75-84.  Word / pdf

Webster I, Huisamen B, Du Toit EF. Creatine and Exercise – Strong Evidence for Stronger Muscles? JEPonline 2011;14(5):85-108.  Word / pdf

Williams JS, Parsons, SM.  Ventilatory and Respiratory Muscle Function at Rest and During Exercise Across the Menstrual Cycle. JEPonline 2011;14(5):109-117.   Word / pdf

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