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 American Society of Exercise Physiologists

Vol 12 No 5 October 2009

Clinical Exercise Physiology
Escobar M, Oliveira MWS, Behr GA, Zanotto-Filho A, Ilha L, Cunha GDS, Oliveira ARD, and Moreira JCF. Oxidative Stress in Young Football (Soccer) Players in Intermittent High Intensity Exercise Protocol. JEPonline 2009;12(5):1-10.    

Lanier AB, Simpson KJ, Gregory C, Stevenson SW, Wang H, Dudley, G. Exercise-Induced Muscle Injury and Influence of Nsaid Therapy on Kinematics of Downhill Walking in Older Adults. JEPonline 2009;12(5):11-21.

Equipment Testing and Validation
Alvarenga RL and Souza MN. Lactate Thresholds by Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy. JEPonline 2009;12(5):22-33.

Fitness and Training
Ebben, WP, Petushek, EJ, Clewien, R. A Comparison of Manual and electronic Timing during 20 and 40 Yards Sprints. JEPonline 2009;12(5):34-38.

Nutrition and Exercise
Mielke M, Housh TJ, Malek MH, Beck TW, Schmidt RJ, Johnson GO, Housh DJ. The Effects of Whey Protein and Leucine Supplementation on Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Body Composition During Resistance Training. JEPonline 2009;12(5):39-50. 

Ling CG, Brotherton SS, Smith SO.  Review of the Literature Regarding Gait and Class III Obesity. JEPonline 2009; 12(5): 51-61.

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