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 American Society of Exercise Physiologists

Vol 14 No 3 June 2011


Editorial: Boone T. Responsibilities for Publication of JEPonline Research.   Word  / pdf

Benden M, Mancuso L, Zhao H, Pickens A.
The Ability of the SenseWear® Armband to Assess a Change in Energy Expenditure in Children While Sitting and Standing. JEPonline 2011;14(3):1-14.  Word / pdf

Boone T. Crawford R, Erlandson A. Physiological Responses to Dangling and Standing in Healthy Subjects. JEPonline 2011;14(3):15-25.  Word / pdf

Costa VP, Pertence LC, Paton CD, De Matos DG, Martins JAN, De Lima JRP. Physiological Correlates of 10-Km Up-hill Cycling Performance in Competitive Cyclists. JEPonline 2011;14(3):26-33.  Word / pdf

Dos-Santos JW, de Mello MAR. Responses of Blood Lactate Concentration in Aerobic and Anaerobic Training Protocols at Different Swimming Exercise Intensities in Rats. JEPonline 2011;14(3):34-42.  Word / pdf

Esco MR, Williford WN, Russell AR. Cross-Validation of BMI-Based Equations for Predicting Percent Body Fat in Female Collegiate Athletes. JEPonline 2011;14(3):43-52.  Word / pdf

Gonelli RGG, Filho EG, Carraro R, Montebelo, MIL, Cesar MC. Comparison of Cardiopulmonary Responses to Treadmill Walking and Running at the Same Speed in Young Women. JEPonline 2011;14(3):53-59.  Word / pdf

da Mota GR, Magalhães CG, de Azevedo PHSM, Ide BN, Lopes CR, Castardeli E, Barbosa Neto O, Marocolo Junior M, Baldissera V. Lactate Threshold in Taekwondo Through Specifics Tests. JEPonline 2011;14(3):60-67.   Word / pdf

Harvey JA. A Review: Analyzing How Oxygen Uptake Kinetics Limit Exercise Performance. JEPonline 2011;14(3):67-73.  Word / pdf

Malik S, Shah M, Hasan S, Bilal M.  The Physiological Responses of Yogic Breathing Techniques: A Case-Control Study. JEPonline 2011;14(3):74-79.  Word / pdf

Padilla-Perez JP, Castillo-Henkel C. Estimation of Submaximal Exercise Stroke Volume of Mexican Athletes. JEPonline 2011;14(3):80-90.  Word / pdf

Prokosch AJ, Dalleck LC, Pettitt RW. Cardiac Risk Factors between Farmers and Non-Farmers. JEPonline 2011;14(3):91-100.  Word / pdf

Sell K, Clocksin BD, Spierer D, Ghigiarelli J. Energy Expenditure During Non-Traditional Physical Activities. JEPonline 2011;14(3):101-112.  Word / pdf

Park ST, Kim K, Yoon JH, Lee S. Effect of Exercise on GLUT4 Expression of Skeletal Muscle in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats. JEPonline 2011;14(4):113-122.  Word / pdf

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