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 American Society of Exercise Physiologists

Vol 12 No 3 June 2009

Smart NA. What is the Number Needed to Treat When Exercise Training Heart failure Patients? JEPonline 2009;12(3):1-.5.    

Exercise Testing and Validation
Hutchison AT, Stone AL. Validity of an Alternative System for Measuring Vertical Jump Height. JEPonline 2009;12(3):6-11. 

Exercise and Health
Barkley JE, Penko A. Physiologic Responses, Perceived Exertion and Hedonics of Playing a Physically Interactive Video Game Relative to a Sedentary Alternative and Treadmill Walking in Adults. JEPonline 2009;12(3):12-23. 

Brahler CJ, Stephens WR, Donahoe-Fillmore, B.  Field Testing Adolescent Females for Cardiovascular Disease Risk. JEPonline 2009;;12(3):24-33.

Fitness and Training
Duckham RL, Bassett DR, Fitzhugh E, Swibas T, McMahan A. The Effects of Hiking Poles on Performance and Physiological Variables During Mountain Climbing. JEPonline 2009;12(3):34-41

Systems Physiology - Musculoskeletal
McAlpine KE, Tindall JA.  Effects of Equipment and Exercise Protocol on Bone Remodeling and Formation Stimulation. JEPonline 2009;12(3):42-53. 

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