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 American Society of Exercise Physiologists

Vol 15 No 3 June 2012


Nazari Y, Damirchi A, Sariri R, Taheri M. Response of Salivary Antioxidants to Intense Exercise in Non-Athletic Men. JEPonline 2012;15(3):1-9.  Word / pdf

Ebben WP, Gagnon J. The Relationship Between Mental Skills, Experience, and Stock Car Racing Performance. JEPonline 2012;15(3):10-18.  Word / pdf

Carvalho FO, Oliveira WA, Carneiro MVO, Moraes JFVN, Moreira SR, Campbell CSGThe Relationship of Body Fat Indicators with Cardiovascular Risk in Adolescents with Low Socioeconomic Status. JEPonline 2012;14(3):19-29.  Word / pdf

Cossio-Bolanos M, Portella D, Hespanhol JE, Fraser N, Arruda M. Body Size and Composition of the Elite Peruvian Soccer Player.  JEPonline 2012;15(3):30-38.  Word / pdf 

Wagner DR. Body Mass and Composition Changes in Mountaineers After a Commercial Expedition on Denali
(6194 m).
JEPonline 2012;15(3):39-44.   Word / pdf

Abreu PST, Rêgo-Monteiro ICC, Lima TI, Santos ACC, Ceccatto VM. Prescription of Aerobic Exercise Training Based on the Incremental Load Test: A Model of Anaerobic Threshold for Rats. JEPonline 2012;15(3):45-52.   Word / pdf

Steele J, Fisher J, McGuff D, Bruce-Low S, Smith D. Resistance Training to Momentary Muscular Failure Improves Cardiovascular Fitness in Humans: A Review of Acute Physiological Responses and Chronic Physiological Adaptations. JEPonline 2012;15(3):53-80.   Word / pdf

Ferreira-Junior AJ, Zanetti GG, Couto PG, Bastos LALG, Silva SF, Lima JRP, De-Oliveira FR. Transition Points of Heart Rate during a Progressive Maximal Intermittent Field Test in Young Soccer Players. JEPonline 2012;15(3):81-88.   Word / pdf

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