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Journal of Exercise Physiologyonline

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 American Society of Exercise Physiologists

Vol 15 No 1 February 2012


Ryder, JR, Ball, SD. Three-Dimensional Body Scanning as a Novel Technique for Body Composition Assessment: A Preliminary Investigation. JEPonline 2012;15(1):1-14.   Word / pdf

Brooks, KB. Collegiate Athletic Participation, Physical Limitations, and Chronic Disease Risk. JEPonline 2012;15(1):15-25.   Word / pdf

Lindberg, A-S, Malm, C, Hammarström, D, Tonkonogi, M. Maximal Work Capacity and Performance in Cold and Warm Environmental and Inspired Air Temperatures. JEPonline 2012;15(1):26-39.   Word / pdf

Sitta MC, De Souza RR, Costa JBV, Santarem Sobrinho JM,  Jacob Filho W. Different BMD after Running or Strength Exercise in Growing Rats. JEPonline 2012;15(1):40-46.   Word / pdf 

Driller M, Williams A, Howe S, Bellinger P, Fell J. The Effects of NaHCO3 and NaCl Loading on Hematocrit and High-Intensity Cycling Performance. JEPonline 2012:15(1):47-56.   Word / pdf

Fisher J, Steele J. Is Truth in Authority or Authority in Truth? Limitations to the Publication of Scientific Research. JEPonline 2012;15(1):57-64.    Word / pdf

Hill JA, O’Riordan MA, Bansal M, Fiutem J, Zahka K.  Normal QT Response During Exercise Testing and Hyperventilation in Children.  JEPonline 2012;15(1):65-75.   Word / pdf

Asano RY, Sales MM, Coelho JMO, Moraes JFVN, Pereira LA, Simões HG. Exercise, Nitric Oxide, and Endothelial Dysfunction: A Brief Review. JEPonline 2012;15(1):76-86.   Word / pdf

Souza RAC, Nascimento RL, Souza JA, Almeida CMM, Silva AAS, Carvalho FO, Moraes JFVN, Moreira SR. Post-Exercise Hypotension Attenuates the Effect of Waist on Vascular Reactivity in Adults of Both Sexes. JEPonline 2012;15(1):87-97. Word / pdf

Sales MM, Russo P, Moreira SR, Santana HAP, Moraes JFVN, Asano RY, Motta DF, Dullius J, Simões HG, Campbell CSG. Resistance Exercise Elicits Acute Blood Pressure Reduction in Type 2 Diabetics. JEPonline 2012;15(1):98-109.   Word / pdf

Traylor DA, Housh TJ, Camic CL, Zuniga JM, Bergstrom HC, Johnson GO, Schmidt RJ, Lewis RW. The Effects of Short-Term Isokinetic Resistance Training on Isometric and Concentric Torque of the Forearm Flexors in Females. JEPonline 2012;12(6):110-116.   Word / pdf  

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