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Journal of Exercise Physiologyonline

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 American Society of Exercise Physiologists

Vol 14 No 1 February 2011


Boone T. A Look Back and Forward to 2011. JEPonline 2011;14(1):i-ii.   pdf

Scott CB, Earnest CP. Resistance Exercise Energy Expenditure is Greater with Fatigue as Compared to Non-Fatigue. JEPonline 2011;14(1):1-10.   pdf

Nunes VNG, Barbosa DCS, Damasceno WC, Fonseca MT, Andrade AG, Rocha-Vieira E, Pinto KMC. External Nasal Dilator Strip Does Not Affect Heart Rate, Oxygen Consumption, Ventilation or Rate of Perceived Exertion during Submaximal Exercise. JEPonline 2011;14(1):11-19.   pdf

Comeau MJ, Adams II, TM, Church JB, Graves MM, Lawson PM. Prediction of Lower Extremity Lactate Levels in Exercising Muscle Utilizing Upper Extremity Sampling Sites. JEPonline 2011:14(1):20-27.   pdf

Costa VP, Matos DG, Pertence LC, Martins JAN, Lima JRP. Reproducibility of Cycling Time to Exhaustion at VO2 Max in Competitive Cyclists. JEPonline 2011;14(1):28-34.   pdf

Esco MR, Williford HN
. Cardiovascular Autonomic Modulation in Collegiate Male Basketball Players. JEPonline 2011;14(1):35-42.   pdf

Zinner C, Krueger M, Wahl P, Sperlich B, Mester J. Comparison of Three Different Step Test Protocols in Elite Swimming. JEPonline 2011;14(1):43-48.     pdf

Feairheller DL, Diaz KM, Sturgeon KM, Williamson ST, Brown MD. Racial Differences in the Time-Course Oxidative Stress Responses to Acute Exercise. JEPonline 2011;14(1):49-59.      pdf

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