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Journal of Exercise Physiologyonline

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 American Society of Exercise Physiologists

Vol 12 No 6 December 2009

Linderman J. 2009 Year in Review: The Editor-in-Chief JEPonline 2009;12(6): i-v.  

Graham MR, Evans P, Davies B, Thomas NE, and Baker JS. Growth Hormone Therapy in Health and Disease.  Could GH and IGF-I Combination Therapy Combat the Somatopause? JEPonline 2009;12 (6):1-24.

Exercise and Health
Laubach LL, Porter KL, Hovey P, Linderman J. A Modest Increase in Weekly Step Counts Improved Cardiovascular Function in Healthy Elderly Women JEPonline 2009;12(6): 25-32. 

Nutrition and Exercise
Benjamin L, Blanpied P, Lamont LS. Dietary Carbohydrate and Protein Manipulation and Exercise Recovery in Novice Weight-Lifters JEPonline 2009;12 (6):33-39.

Case Study
Graham MR, Evans P, Davies B, Baker JS. Dope Opera: Is Nandrolone a Medicine or Doping Agent? JEPonline 2009;12 (6):40-43. 

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