Journal of Exercise Physiologyonline
        Official Journal of the
         American Society of Exercise Physiologists

    ISSN 1097-9751

     Vol 11 No 6 December 2008

Editor-in-Chief:  JEPonline
Jon K. Linderman, PhD, FACSM, EPC
University of Dayton

Managing Editor:  JEPonline
Tommy Boone, PhD, MPH, FASEP, EPC
The College of St. Scholastica

Review Board
Todd Astorino, PhD
Julien Baker, PhD
Larry Birnbaum, PhD, EPC
Lance Dalleck, Phd
Hermann Engels, PhD

Robert Robergs, PhD, EPC
Eric Goulet, PhD
Len Kravitz, PhD
Derek Marks, PhD
Ben Zhou, PhD
Dan Drury, DPE

Cristine Mermier, PhD
Daryl Parker, PhD
Brent Ruby, PhD
Jason Siegler, PhD
Greg Tardie, PhD

Lesley White, PhD
Chantal Vella, PhD
Thomas Walker, PhD
M. Knight-Maloney, PhD, EPC
Robert Gotshall, PhD


Body Composition
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Fitness and Training
Costa VP, De-Oliveira FR. Physiological variables to predict performance in cross-country mountain bike races. JEPonline 2008;11(6):14-24.

Materko W, Novaes JS, Santos EL. Effect of bicarbonate supplementation on the muscular strength. JEPonline 2008;11(6):25-33.

Metabolic Responses to Exercise

Sharma Archna, Sandhu S Jaspal. The effect of different dosages of caffeine on isometric strength and isometric endurance. JEPonline 2008;12(6):34-43.

Tekin D, Dursun AD, Fıçıcılar H. The body weight-performance relationship of rats on treadmill running. JEPonline 2008;11(6):44-55.

Sports Physiology
Astorino TA. Changes in running economy, VO2max, and injury Status in distance runners during a competitive season. JEPonline 2008;11(6):56-66.

Systems Physiology: Cardiopulmonary
Vella, CA, Robergs RA, Yamada PM. Fitness, body size, ventilation and the oxygen cost of breathing in adults. JEPonline 2008;11(6):67-76.

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