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 American Society of Exercise Physiologists

Vol 13 No 4 August 2010


Exercise and Health
Nor Anita MMN, Ruby H, Aminuddin AHK, Osman A. Non-Exercise Cardiorespiratory Fitness (CRF) Predictive Equation for Malaysian Women. JEPonline 2010;13(4):1-16.

Moura LP,Chiyoda A, Teixeira CVL, Sponton CHG, Coelho FGM, Lima MCS, Hernandez SSS, Vital TM, Fernandes RA, Mello MAR.  Effects of Exercise and Cinnamon Extract on Blood Chemistry of Type 1 Diabetic Rats. JEP 2010;13(4):17-28.

Schilter JM, Dalleck LC. Fitness and Fatness: Indicators of Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in College Students? JEPonline 2010;13(4):29-39.

Metabolic Responses to Exercise

Manchado-Gobatto FB, Gobatto CA, Contarteze RL, Papoti M, Araujo GG, Mello MAR. Determination of Critical Velocity and Anaerobic Capacity of Running Rats. JEPonline 2010; 13(4):40-49. 

Janeba MR, Yaeger DP, White RF, Stavrianeas S. The Dmax Method Does Not Produce a Valid Estimate of the Lactate Threshold. JEPonline 2010;13(4):50-57. 

Systems Physiology - Musculoskeletal
Bezerra L, Bottaro M, Reis, VM, Abdhala L, Lima R, Soares S, Furtado A, Oliveira, R. Effects of Yoga on Bone Metabolism in Postmenopausal Women. JEPonline 2010;13(4):58-65.

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