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 American Society of Exercise Physiologists

Vol 12 No 4 August 2009

Exercise and Health
Hultquist CN, Duckham R, Stinson C, and Thompson DL. College Physical Activity is Related to Mid-Life Activity Levels in Women. JEPonline 2009;12(4):1-7.     

HKelley GA, Kelley KS. Exercise and Unintentional Injuries: Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. JEPonline 2009;12(4):8-22.

Parpa KM, Michaelides MA, Brown BS. Effect of High Intensity Interval Training on Heart Rate Variability in Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes. JEPonline 2009;12 (4): 23-29.

Exercise and Nutrition
Ruffo AM, Osiecki R, Fernandes LC, Felipe CS, Osiecki AC, Malfatti CRM. Moderate to High Dose of Maltodextrin Before Exercise Improves Glycogen Availability in Soleus and Liver After Prolonged Swimming in Rats. JEPonline 2009;12(4):30-38.

Sports Physiology
Hernandez, JP, Godar, BE. Calf Venous Compliance in Endurance Trained Females. JEPonline 2009;12(4):39-49. 

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