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Journal of Exercise Physiologyonline

           ISSN 1097-9751         

 American Society of Exercise Physiologists

Vol 13 No 2 April 2010

Fitness and Training
Vieira G, Lima-Silva AE, De-Oliveira FR. Heart Rate Recovery Following Strength Exercise. JEPonline 2010;13(2):1-9.

Sports Physiology
Pennington JM, Laubach LL, De Marco GM, Linderman JK. Determining the Optimal Load for Maximal Power Output for the Power Clean and Snatch in Collegiate Male Football Players. JEPonline 2010;13(2):10-19. 
Vatansever-Ozen S, Tiryaki-Sonmez G, Yuktasir B, Yalcin HB, Bugdayci G, Willems M. Effects Of Exercise On Leptin And Acylated Ghrelin Hormones In Trained Males. JEPonline 2010;13(2):20-30.

Systems Physiology - Cardiopulmonary
Becker LK, Silva JR, Santos RAS, Campagnole-Santos MJ. Telemetric Monitoring Of Cardiovascular Parameters After Exercise Training In Normotensive Rats. JEPonline 2010;13(2):31-41.

Fabri T, Machado KB, Rezende RS, Mercês L, Vieira MAR, Campagnole-Santos MJ, Rocha-Vieira E, Becker LK. Aquatic And Land Exercise Training Affects Renal Function In Rats Under Isosmotic Volume Expansion. JEPonline 2010;13(2):42-51.

Brooks, KA, Brooks, KS. Enhancing Sports Performance Through The Use Of Music. JEPonline 2010;13(2):52-57.

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