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 American Society of Exercise Physiologists

Vol 12 No 2 April 2009

Body Composition
Heiss CJ, Gara N, Novotny D, Heberle H, Morgan L, Stufflebeam J, Fairfield M. Effect of a 1 liter
fluid load on body composition measured by air displacement plethysmography and biolelectrical impedance. JEPonline 2009;12(2):1-8. 
  pdf copy

Equipment Testing and Validation
Carrasco MA, Gonzales JM. Conductive cooling of the forehead during physical activity increases comfort and dampens the magnitude of physiological responses. JEPonline 2009; 12(2):9-20.  pdf copy

Fitness Training
Nesser TW, Lee WL. The relationship between core strength and performance in Division I female soccer players. JEPonline 2009; 12(2):21-28.   pdf copy

Perandini LA, Chimin P, Okuno NM, Lima JRP, Buchheit M, Nakamura FY. Parasympathetic withdrawal during 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test correlates with its’ maximal running speed. JEPonline 2009;2(1):29-39.   pdf copy

Systems Physiology - Neuromuscular
Sperlich B, Kleinoeder H, DE Marees M, Quarz D, Linville J, Haegele M, Mester J. Physiological and perceptual responses of adding vibration to cycling. JEPonline 2009; 12(2):40-46.  pdf copy

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