Vol 4 No 11
November, 2000
ISSN 1097-9743

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December, 2000

ASEP and those responsible for the development of the Exercise Physiologist Certified examination are pleased to announce the "first-ever" Certified Exercise Physiologists in the United States. They are:

Jose Antonio
Patrick Ayres
Amber Bashara
Turi Braun
Lee Brown
Tommy Boone
Donna M. Cataldo
William Cooke
Todd Comstock
Donald C. Diboll
Brett Dolezal
Dan Drury
Mariane Fahlman
Erik W. Faria
Steve Figoni
Timothy Ford
Stephen C. Glass
Kalen A. Gruber
Jeffrey M. Janot
Steven Jungbauer
Richard Kreider
David LaBore
Derek W. Marks
Christine M. Mermier
Nathan Mo'o
Shane A. Paulson
Patrick W. Riley
Robert Robergs
Donal Rodd
Thomas P. Olson
Terry Tabor
Dale Wagner
Thomas J. Westendorf
Darryn S. Willoughby
Tim Ziegenfuss


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