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Issue: #9September 2010
Thank you for being part of our community. ASEP is the specific voice for (historically under-represented) Exercise Physiologists. Please use this Newsletter as a link to ASEP resources from scientific journals to professional papers, to employment and related opportunities. And be sure to click on "More On Us" at the left for the ASEP-Newsletter's parent web site.
Yours in health, 
-Lonnie Lowery and Jonathan Mike, ASEP-Newsletter Editors 
 Special Announcement: ASEP National Meeting 2011


The American Society of Exercise Physiologists is pleased to announce the 2011 National Meeting on September, 22nd, 23rd and 24th in Albuquerque, NM. This will be the fourth time the national meeting has been held here in Albuquerque. This exciting 3-day event will be held at the Radison Hotel and Water Park, New Mexico Sports and Wellness, and The University of New Mexico, and partly hosted by the Exercise Science Program, Department of Health, Exercise, and Sports Science of the University of New Mexico.


Our 2011 Conference Theme:  Empowering The Undergraduate and Graduate Students of Exercise Physiology.


This conference is about expanding and further developing the education, training, and professional practice for our undergraduates and graduates. In addition, it will advance those who have or will be furthering their professional mark to become a board certified exercise physiologists (EPC).


Special highlights of the 2011 conference include:


  • Undergraduate and Graduate Research and Poster Presentations
  • Helping students to develop their individual businesses and business ideas after graduation
  • Networking opportunities with Physicians, Dieticians, and Sports Nutritionists, and Physical Therapists
  • Many hands-on sessions to enhance skills in clinical exercise physiology, sports physiology and tons more including Resistance Training Variety, Measuring V02 Max and Ventilation Threshold, 12- lead EKG, and Body Composition Assessment


Follow the links below to learn more about this conference.  See you in Albuquerque in 2011!



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Opportunities Related to Exercise Physiology

Community Announcement: Iron has issued a call for brief submissions from EP students or professionals interested in getting their first involvement in legitimate Internet / pod casting settings. Opinions on professional issues or micro reviews and recent research are welcomed. Students' audio submissions (see National Public Radio (NPR]) and / or the Iron web site for examples) will be editor-reviewed by ASEP-Newsletter Editors Dr. Lonnie Lowery and Jonathan Mike. The submissions should be 300-500 word essays read aloud and recorded with Windows Sound Recorder or similar software and sent via email to Iron is not ASEP-affiliated.

NOTE: ASEP Board of Directors with approval of The Center for Exercise Physiology-online developed the "EPC Petition Guidelines" for doctorate exercise physiologists to become Board Certified.

Thank you for perusing our opinions, facts and opportunities in this edition of the ASEP-Newsletter.

Lonnie Lowery
American Society of Exercise Physiologists

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